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The Data Research and Development Center, in conjunction with the National Science Foundation (NSF), hosted the 2006 Interagency Education Research Initiative (IERI) Principle Investigators meeting. The meeting was held Wednesday and Thursday, August 30–31, 2006, at the Ritz Carlton, Pentagon City in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Major topics being explored in this year’s two day meeting included:

Knowledge creation and utilization in education

Accumulating and synthesizing research findings for replication and extension

Communicating complex findings clearly, concisely, accurately, and powerfully

Forging effective partnerships to develop and bring exemplary interventions to scale

Small-group discussions led by IERI colleagues provided opportunities to network across projects with similar interests. Investigators chose to attend one of three workshops on "Education Research that Makes a Difference." These workshops provided advice on communicating research findings to practitioners, developing and implementing a media relations strategy, and documenting impacts within the academy.

The meeting concluded with a one-hour poster reception that provided investigators with an opportunity to share additional information about their projects with each other and invited federal guests.