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Building Bridges to Student and Teacher Learning: Early Literacy Assessment and Intervention Planning Grant

Alison L. Bailey


The project will expand the work of a teacher-researcher collaboration in the area of early literacy development, particularly early identification of and intervention for children at-risk for reading failure. The objectives of this work are threefold: (a) refine and pilot test the efficacy of a comprehensive literacy assessment and accompanying interventions to be used with at-risk children in kindergarten and first grade in preparation for a future large-scale efficacy study, (b) use the software tools developed by TIMSS Video-R project and LessonLab to create a digital video library of illustrations of literacy assessments and interventions, and to document changes in instructional practices in the classroom as a result of implementing the literacy assessment and intervention, and (c) using information from the pilot efficacy study and the digital library, begin to develop a model program for literacy assessment and intervention to be used in teacher professional development.

The pilot efficacy study involves two treatment conditions and one no-treatment comparison condition. One of the treatment groups uses the assessment and interventions with full support from the project team for formative evaluation purposes, a second is supported only by the web-based (digitized) materials to examine the assessment's use under anticipated future implementation conditions. If successful, this study will show that it is possible to affect change in reading outcomes for at-risk children by providing teachers with assessment tools and intervention choices focused on early literacy development. Results of the study will aid in the design and implementation of the large-scale efficacy study and the development of a model program for early identification and intervention that can be disseminated electronically.

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