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Using Technology to Support Preschool Teachers' Professional Development

David K. Dickinson

Carolyn Adger, Ellen Peisner-Feinberg


This research project consists of the development and testing of technologically enriched Language Environment Enrichment Program (TLEEP) used by early childhood teachers, supervisors, and families to improve literacy learning for young children nationwide. The technology enrichment will include interactive television (ITV) and web-based instruction.

The specific activities include:

  • Broadcast instructional ITV from Massachusetts to teachers and supervisors in New England, Maryland, and North Carolina for interactive professional development

  • Electronic meeting places for teachers and supervisors

  • The development of a sophisticated web site for parents to help improve the literacy learning of their children that can be accessed from school and home

  • An assessment of the affect that the above projects have on learning

Interdisciplinary approaches to analyzing data were taken. A discourse analytic approach provided detailed description of the interactional dynamics conducive to learning during this in-service project. A comparison group design was used to examine the impact of the project on 65 classrooms and 455 children in New England and North Carolina. HLM analyses revealed significant changes in classroom practices and on children's language and literacy development. Significant and sizable amounts of between-group variance explained by participation in the intervention was found for receptive vocabulary. Significant but smaller amounts of variance in phonological awareness and early literacy was explained by participation in the intervention.

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