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Building Capacity

DRDC works with other IERI researchers and program staff to build capacity for the study of learning, instruction, and achievement. For example, we:

  • Collaborate with IERI investigators to develop designs, methods, and analyses for bringing projects to scale.
  • Identify conceptualizations of scale-up, characteristics of promising interventions, and types of challenges researchers are likely to encounter as they work to bring their projects to scale.
  • Work with IERI investigators to enhance educational models, programs, and strategies (e.g., by organizing workshops and conferences, and identifying and facilitating the use of new technologies).

    Click here for a report from the 2005 Video Research in Education meeting held December 1–2, 2005.

    Click here (login required) for details on the meeting held November 12, 2004 on Measuring Reading Comprehension in Young Children.

    Click here for information about the books that resulted from the meeting Conceptualizing Scale-Up: Multidisciplinary Perspectives held November 3-4, 2003.
  • Identify common measures, data sets, and analytic procedures that can be shared across projects.

  • Identify and encourage the use of cutting edge information technology to strengthen and deepen connections for sharing knowledge among IERI and other education researchers.

  • Help IERI researchers connect with practitioners, policymakers, and parents to improve learning outcomes.

  • Expand the benefits of IERI work to other disciplines, working with program staff to build a science of scale-up.
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