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Conceptualizations of Scale-Up

Book cover: Scale-Up in EducationAs a result of the Center’s needs assessments with IERI projects and our own literature reviews, we found that many lessons learned about scale-up by researchers in fields outside of education had not yet been systematically addressed or incorporated in education research. DRDC investigators expected the conceptualizations of scale-up and methods used in these other disciplines would provide models likely to broaden education researchers’ thinking and stimulate us to conceive of the challenges of scale-up and their solutions in new ways. This line of research resulted in several conference presentations, including a Presidential Invited Session at the 2004 AERA meeting, and a series of DRDC activities and products:

  • DRDC investigators contributed the two introductory chapters to the Scale-Up in Education volumes, as well as an original and two synthetic chapters in Volume 1, Ideas in Principle and a commentary chapter in Volume 2, Issues in Practice.
  • Center staff organized a special session at the 2006 AERA annual meeting around the two books which was chaired by PI Schneider and included presentations by IERI investigators who contributed chapters to Scale-Up in Education.
  • The Center held a book launch at the National Press Club in Washington, DC that included presentations by IERI investigators and resulted in a front-page story in Education Week.
  • DRDC investigators published "Scaling-up Exemplary Interventions" in Educational Researcher and a chapter on scale-up in the forthcoming AERA Handbook of Education Policy Research.
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